Life is Good I Can’t Complain…I mean I could But no one’s Listening..

Ever feel like that sometimes? Like the whole world is on your shoulders yet you have no one to turn to?

I haven’t written a blog in a good while.A new job, college and friends can definately occupy a good amount of time.

I have to say though. Since the last time I’ve written, I have grown. I can FINALLY say I am comfortable in my own skin and it did not have to be due to a specific person or action. I just love me.

But I can say that it is due to my faith. When I learned to officially “Let Go and Let God” things fell into place. It may not have been the way I initially wanted to, but it turned out the way GOD wanted it to. And that is fine by me.I loved, I lost, I gained, I rekindled, and I forgave.

Forgave those who hurt me and most importantly I forgave myself.
If the Creator of all things can forgive the most awful of sins, why can’t I? What makes me so special?

Just a thought for the night. I will try to improve my writings.

Now Playing: Johnny Diaz (:

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