Just wishing and hopin and plannin’ and dreaming..


Tell me Why????

not really..at least at the moment anyway. I am currently takin a trip back in time and watching “my best friends wedding.” but  that’s not the purpose of my blog. I’ve been slacking on this whole writing thing, and I hope to be more…consistent.

Anywho, last night the AMA’S came on, and I had only one specific purpose of watching. THE BACKSTREET BOYS! when I was watching, I couldn’t help but remember how life was soo much simpler back then. When I would hide away from family and jump around in my room blasting their music. I didn’t have much to worry about other than “if my Barbie doll was better than the other girls'” or “whether or not to play jump rope or hopscotch (?) in P.E.”

Now, its “do I put in that extra hour of study time or do I get an extra hour of sleep?” or “do I pay this bill now,or wait until my next check?”

Life has definitely changed ALOT for me. I see things in a whole different perspective than I usually would. I complain a lot less and smile a whole lot more! To think, less than six months ago, I was walking across a stage getting my diploma, planning a powder puff football game and talking 3 am trips to walgreens with my cousins.  Now, I’m preparing to be a godmommy for the first time and an aunt again; while balancing school,work, love and friends.

hmmm…isnt it interesting how life goes? well I’m thankful.extremely blessed. And completely happy.And I wouldn’t have this crazy life I live and love any other way ❤

(I couldn’t help myself 😀 )

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